Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Plans by Maxine Kumin
Orated by Miss F

Friday, January 16, 2009

she's back at it...

The unofficial Underwear Fairy is back in the states (until mid February) and she's started another pledge. BUT since ya'll gave a bazillion pairs of undies, this time she's asking for help with some Flinstone (type) vitamins. Ash, does this make you the Flinstone Fairy??

Can we do it?
Yes we can!

She's also more than happy to take gift cards (which rocks for us cause then we don't have to pay for shipping) for the major stores. You can sign up below:

Sign my pledge at PledgeBank

and if that doesn't work then just go to this place... or look to your LEFT. didn't you notice that overtly large purpley block of words??

Monday, January 5, 2009

an ode to 4Runner Man

So last night when I was following you home from West Seattle, you very well could have saved my life a million times over.
I know, I know. A woman probably shouldn't drive at night when it's snowing with six kids and a husband in the car (whom could've driven but I didn't want to pullover and get stuck) when she only can see with one eye. The possibility of a negative out come was... shall we say... extremely high.
But you, my dear friend, wisely stayed in one lane. You threw on your flashers while we were going up that incline near Boeing Field, just to let me know it was a bit treacherous. You maintained a speed limit between 30-40 mph, not too fast and not slow. There were a few times when you splashed so much water/slush/mud onto my windshield that I had to hit the brakes until my wipers cleared off the mess, but because of your previous kindnesses, I continue to assume that it was accidental.
I do wonder if you have some sort of super hero strength. Night vision maybe? The ability to connect/understand weather? Not even Husband could see the difference in lanes on I-5 last night. At one point, before I found you (or you found me, rather) when I was on the West Seattle Bridge, I was unintentionally driving in two lanes. I only noticed this upon going under another bridge when the signs above were either off center or I was.
When it was time for me to take our exit and I had to leave you, I did feel a bit remiss as I watched you plow on into the night. I'm quite sure, though, that there were others out there who required your aid and it was your duty to meet their needs. I honestly would've preferred to follow you all the way to our driveway, but you must have felt that I was calm enough to continue on without you. Superheroes intuitively know these things.
4Runner Man, wherever you are this morning (probably your secret hideout), I thank you.