Thursday, April 30, 2009

feild trip to the islands

neice #1: in the orange lavalava
nephew #1: dancing with the girl in brown
nephew #2: dancing with the girl in purple
nephew #3: dancing with the girl in greenish greyish

This morning Big P and Miss F and I all went on a *ahem* field trip to see my nephews and my niece perform at their school. Here's them sitting next to my brother while they were warming up. Wake up Carlito!We had a good time and the kids, of course, did great. Makes me wish that Norwegians had cooler customs. Doesn't it look like fun!?!

Friday, April 24, 2009

modest sleep walkers

So last night, just as I was *ahem* in the bathroom and about to go to bed, something slammed up against the door. So I peeped the door open to see what had cause the minor earthquake. To my surprise I found Miss B, wrapped up in a comforter, with her eyes shut. I figured that the light was probably a bit shocking to the iris which was why they were closed.

"Sweetie, do you need to use the bathroom?"
"fdlaspogarena; souf," she quietly mumbled
"MISS B. Do you need to use the bathroom?" At this point, I was exiting the lavatory.
"asiodufnasre,dfgiauwrngfa,xdnfviausrtq," she mumbled, a bit louder this time.
I put my hand on her shoulder and knelt down. "Miss B. Do YOU need to go potty?"
"No. No potty."
"Then what are you doing in the hallway?" She rubbed her eyes and then looked at me.
"No. No potty."
"Then why are you here, honey?"
"I'm just standing here right now." At this point, I started laughing.
"You're just standing here? Wouldn't bed be nicer? Why don't you go hop into bed goofball?" At this point, I assumed that she had woken up a bit more because she smiled and nodded. I thought that she had realized where she was and was confirming her silliness with the appropriate reaction.

This morning when I asked her if she remembered last nights incident, she insisted that she did not. I retold the story (with all the kids listening and laughing) and she seemed surprised by it all. Does this mean I can look forward to her sleepwalking out the back door to meet up with friends in the future?

Monday, April 13, 2009

my new favorite holiday

Yesterday was brilliant.

Easter has been bumped up to my new favorite holiday. It is replacing... a different one... but only because I don't think that I've ever considered which one was my favorite until now.

All life begins and ends with this day. He coulda chose not to... but He did. My life began that day. It is my birthday.

The pictures don't reflect the joy experienced - they never do, though, do they? First, time spent with church family. Next, time spent with Mom (and extended) family. Then, time spent with Dad and family. Last, a cool down with my family. What an amazing thing, all of these people in my life, chosen for this time, set up in this place, to have lives interwoven with mine. I am just so dang thankful!
(Brova, it WOULD have been perfect if you were here. I know, I know. Getting meatballs thrown at you is more important but I love you anyway. Know that you were missed.)

God rocks.
Not that you needed me to tell you that.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What I Did

okay, bare (bear?) with me. this is yet another cute kid post.
so this morning Miss F is learning about writing papers that concern personal experiences. It's the first lesson so it's a fill in the blank thing. I gave her the paper and told her to write about something cool that she did. What she wrote is as follows (bold is the pre-written goblygook) :

I went to the couch.
Nobody went with me.
I saw my puppy sleeping on his bed.
I heard my mom typing on the computer.
Something I tasted was spit.
I smelled cupcakes baking.
I felt good.
The best part was when I was reading.
Other things to tell about: I saw my big brother doing his work. I saw the lamp by the dogs bed.

Thrilling, no?!? What an exciting life Miss F leads!