Monday, August 11, 2008

things I wish that I liked

1. Wine. Wine drinkers come off as sophisticated and sheek. I personally think that it tastes like sour grapes with a bitter tang. Why oh why?

2. Being pink. This is a strange one, and yet it's true. I'm still scratching my head whilst figuring out what on earth God was thinking. But in the meantime, I'm fortunate to be married to someone who thinks it's hot.

3. Sports. I idealize how cool it would be to be a runner or tennis player. And then I think about actually doing it and it's about as appealing as eating from the compost pile. The only thing that I truly enjoy about the Olympics is the 'walk of nations.' The clothes, the diversity, the third world countries that get missed while on commercial break, this is what I love. Everything after that is, in a word, pretty boring. Sometimes it's fun to imagine how disappointed that some of the athletes must be when they lose. But again, that doesn't really have anything to do with sports.

4. Hot dogs. What can I say? They're cheap and easy (head out of the gutter).

5. Cleaning the house. Man, if I enjoyed that task, something might actually get done around here.

6. Forgiving pooh heads. Shall I start a whole new post for this one? Nah.

7. Waking up to this (Yes, that's my front yard. They parked a few cars there, a few across the street [not shown] and then snuck to a drug house a couple doors down with their K9 units. This seriously impressed the kids). Husband and I are still trying to figure out where on earth that God wants for us to live. Going beyond just being satisfied, I wish that I truly saw our neighborhood as a mission field every day that we spend here. It often just gets old and so I put away the welcome mat. Must. work. on. attitude.

8. Change. Mi madre would be the first to remind me that it spends the same. And yet it's such a freakin' nuisance. Heavy, clinking around in my wallet that's already crammed with receipts that are at least a year old, right next to all of those lame punch cards that don't seem to be good for anything and yet I have well over a padgillion. Speaking of change, why do dads always have a pocket full? Will this evolve over time since we now just swipe most everything? I think that it would be an injustice for our children to not have a pocket-full-o-change-memory of their dads.

9. The rain. It makes things green, makes the air quality better, we need it for survival and yet it's irritating. I know, I know. Why do I live in Seattle. For the culture, my friends. It rocks here. Maybe if it rained without clouds while holding a temperature of about 85 degrees, I would no longer hold this view.


Erin said...

I have to say unloading a bunch of change from my heavy wallet is quite exhilarating, a pain in the butt for the people behind me in line.... And I like that it spends like green, because I usually have so little!!

Take care,
Erin in FL

Sarah said...

Well, I'll have to disagree that it rocks here, but I wish I liked the rain too. It really gets me down when it won't stop from Feb. to June.

I did enjoy seeing a police trailer thing out in the front of your house, that is something you don't see everyday. Makes my life look kind of off. HA HA---kidding.

Great post. You're a supa fun lady!

Erica said...

Hilarious! There are so many things I look at and wish that I liked, but I just don't!
Just sent out a DVD for your PC of singing I took at the compound...let me know if it doesn't work - I am not that computer savy - nor care to be!


Rey said...


Danielle said...

You had me laughing on a few points...then I hit the rain part. I LOVE the rain. Maybe I need to move to Seattle;)

Two days ago we had the most beautiful rainy day and it reminded me of Liberia. (I know I'm weird, but that was already established a long time ago)


lisa said...

Wine- have you ever had homemade wine? You need to visit me! It's nothing like the stuff I tasted fying to Liberia!

Pink- you saying your cell phone isn't pink?! Shame!

Rain- curl up by the fireplace with your favorite Jane Austin book...

Sports- The US girls gymnastics team lost to China! Boo-hoo!

Hot dogs- easy way out!!

Chantel said...