Saturday, December 27, 2008

what to do

When the weather outside is frightful (aka slushy/rainy/leftover snow) this is what we do:

go on a walk

take a nap

read a few books

build a snow wall/fort
do some hair

celebrate a couple birthdays

throw snowballs at the cameramom

sick the cameramom's husband on 'em


Aly Cat 121 said...

yeah I heard it was snowing out there. And here it actually had the nerve to be sunny on Dec 25th here. *chuckle*

Girl, I need you to braid my girls hair - you got skills honey. To bad I'm not closers.

The Beast Mom said...

Wow - that hair job is cool. :)

And I love the dog pic.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Yr!


Danielle said...

love the heart hair:) May have to steal it.

Missed your posts...and you. Hope all is well.

Big P. looks great. Hope you had a great Christmas!

Sheree said...

omigosh, i missed your postings!!! :)

your kiddies look so great...i almost did a drop bomb and stopped by-my kiddies were in federal way and i didn't have your home number in my new cellphone. BOO! and i know how much you LOVE drop bys. :)

promise me 2009 will be filled with visits and hugs from your kids.

Sheree said...

ps you need to add your dog to your family so we can see some recent pics.

joannebethel said...

I am hugely impressed with your ability to braid hair, yow! Well done. Your family is beautiful, and my hat is off to you, six kids would overwhelm me in the first five minutes. Heck, three kids is overwhelming for me, though I thank God for them every day.

This is a great site, whimsical, enjoyable.

Is the vitamin giveaway local? I think it's a great idea!