Friday, March 6, 2009

Right around there somewheres

It's been right around a year since Big P and I got home and I've been thinking a lot about it all lately. I was looking through pictures and I didn't realize (then) how skinny that that boy was! Check this one out:
That was his first time coloring. Ever. I didn't bring crayons with me because I figured that an 11 yr old wouldn't be into that. But he was so we just (ahem) borrowed from other kids.

That's one of him "swimmee."
So check my little man out now:
In one year, he's grown 6 1/2" and gained 30 lbs. That's some crazy stuff right there. This picture is of him attempting to appear studious. According to him, math isn't for smiling.

Considering that I was FREAKED out at the mere idea of having an insta-son at the age of 11, this boy SO has a spot in my heart. Just ask Husband. Today I'm at a place of valuing all the steps that we took... all of the ones that brought us here. I wouldn't change a thing. God is too good.


Sarah said...

30 lbs and 6 1/2 inches???? OH MY WORD!!! How crazy awesome is that? You are such a good mommy! You are Sherman are such a gift!

Dani said...

Wow! It's been a year already...unbelievable. P looks wonderful. I always lovr to see the before and after pics. The changes are amazing.

Miss you...but hope all is well:)


Sheree said...

yay you're blogging!

that is crazy and so wonderful...there has to be a sense of completion in your heart for what you've done. you've really taken God's guidance without questions or hesitation. this is beyond amazing! ::tears::

Aly Cat 121 said...

*hugs* you're such a wonderful woman.

Celeste said...

GOOD LORD! newborn babies don't usually grow that much during their first year! he's awesome. :D

remnant reminscences said...

Its amazing how much can happen in a year. I still can't believe it was a whole year me it Africa happened yesterday.

Any chance you'll be returning to the land of Chocolate-colored faces soon? Or should I say, any dreams of returning?!!

Anonymous said...

He is beautiful Rach....and so are I love your family!

Love, Jenny

Dawne said...

LOL @ "math isn't for smiling" no kidding!

Laura said...

;o) what a handsome son.

we just adopted 3 sons from Uganda. we've been home 7 weeks...two of the 3 have gained 10 lbs!!! the other 5 lbs. i'm still stunned.