Wednesday, February 27, 2008

home again home again - where to begin??

...oh man...

this one is going to be quick because I don't know where to start nor where to end. I wish that I had a list of questions that I could just answer.

what's on my mind now?

I'm feeling overwhelmed with the scary diagnosis that Big P received while in Liberia... saw the pediatrician today who is setting us up with an appt at Children's nuero-oncology department. if that doesn't make a momma nervous, I don't know what would.

Big P is glued to my husband like white on rice - they deserve one another's love. It's amazing to watch.

Liberia is beautiful and disturbing and hot and wonderful and I miss it and in my heart I feel between two places at once, home and Liberia. I haven't downloaded any photos yet but I'll work on it this week.

Switched Little P to the girls' school today. Tired of the communication gap.

My house smells new. Liberia smelled like damp, hot, sweet spices. Getting off of the plane and smelling that wonderful scent will forever be indented in my brain. So many times I questioned the paths that I took when I was down there. Thought about my past and my future and all of the things that I could do but haven't done. Thought about how families should stay together and we should enable them to raise their own children. Thought about how everyone deserves an education and how the US is spoiled so rotten that it makes my stomach sour.

Spent many an hour sitting on the white sandy beach listening to the Atlantic ocean spill up onto the shore while the sun fell across the horizon and thought, 'it doesn't get better than this.'


Dawne said...

I'm so glad you're home:)

Ashley said...

Hooray! So glad you're home! I can't wait to hear all about it and see all the pictures. It sounds like you've caught the Liberia bug....despite the heat and charcoal filled air! Lots of exciting things have happened since you've been gone on this side of the ocean. I'm buying my one-way plane ticket tomorrow and I leave in less than 1 month!!

dayamanda said...

welcome home. i look forward to reading your debrief on here:) i know it has to be hard to process it all. congratulations mama! cannot wait to hear more!

Angie said...

I am so glad you are back, safely. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Celeste said...

glad you're home. so sad we missed you guys! can't wait to see pictures. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, it's great to be home but we will never forget Liberia, will we? I woke up today at 3:00 a.m. and couldn't fall back to sleep thinking about Liberia, Nigeria, you and the Bishops. It was wonderful getting to know you. Today will be my first day back in school and that's my "real world"!!!

I hope to keep in touch with you!

Love, lisa

Raquel said...

I NEED your email address... email me!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you and Big P are back and look forward to your sharing of all that is within your heart and mind. Hugs and blessings!

Jeromy said...

Its sounds like home is now both here (the US) and there (Liberia). I'm glad to hear your time there went well and sad to hear about your boy's diagnosis...ugh. Welcome back!

What was your funniest memory there?