Friday, February 1, 2008

to all the moms

to all the moms
who won't be surprised
when I tell them that the day before
I'm leaving for three weeks
the flu has hit my home.
would you all pray
that it won't continue
to slaughter the stomachs
of my small children
(or their dad who can't be sick right now)
(or their mom who has already imagined the horrible plane ride with the flu. wishing I was in bed, wishing Sherman would bring me cold drinks and tickle my back, but instead puking into a barf bag while those who got seated near me are quite disgruntled that I got onto a plane sick.)


Sarah G. said...

Oh my WORD!!! This is the worst news EVER. Seriously chica, I am hurting for you!!! This is TERRIBLE!! I will be praying for you and your family today. I hope it only lasts 24 hours. Take it easy!


mountain-quiltist said...

Chiquita, drink plenty of fluids, call upon the Lord who is mighty, and go get your baby boy! (well, not a baby....but still)

It's all gonna be okay.

Will keep you in my prayers.

Ashley said...

Oh no! I have faith (and you should too) that everything's gonna be alright! It's just another distraction to try to keep you from doing what God has called you to do. Think happy thoughts....think about that smile and the eyes of Mr. P who's waiting on you to get your butt there!

And, I guess this will be the hubby's "super dad" experience that he's always needed, haha.

Praying for you! And do some sweating for me!

Stephanie said...

Awe dang! Prayers sent your way sweetie!

Angie said...

Nasty damn flu. I really hope ur not sick on the plane! Have a safe (and healthy) trip.

Chantel said...

praying for you sister.

Aly Cat 121 said...

ohhh poor baby. ain't nothing worse than EVERYBODY being sick.

The Beast Mom said...

That sort of flu is the worst. I hope things are better now?