Thursday, March 6, 2008

Our trip to Liberia in video


Ashley said...

Yes, yes, yes...and I haven't even watched it yet!!!

Anonymous said...

Gee, Rachel, that's good. Good Job!! Who's the group singing?


Sarah said...

Hey Rachel,

Those are awesome picture. The ones with the girls carrying stuff on their head remind me of our little Alicia Groothuis. I remember her packing a bag of something (not sure what) on her head as she carried it down the stairs when she first arrived. She was showing us the way to do it Liberian style. Precious. They all are so precious, every one of them.
Thanks so much for sharing.


Danielle said...

Hmm...don't recognize the numbers you sent. You must have a different cheat sheet:) Although I am getting calls at 3AM from a BM. I think they forget the time difference.

Loved the video and passed your link to a friend or two:) I love the pictures of Love with her sisters:)