Thursday, April 24, 2008

sometimes it's good

Big P's epilepsy is a tougher issue that I had originally assumed (that would be before we adopted him)... the meds make him slow down mentally. Now try homeschooling him. Now try homeschooling him in hopes that he'll be fully caught up by the time that he should be in high school. Yeah, most days I feel like throwing my head up against the wall over and over and over.

But sometimes it's good.

He was having break through seizures while on his meds so the neurologist ordered up some blood tests and another EEG. The orders for the EEG were to keep him awake until midnight and wake him up at 4am (not sleeping greatly increases the chance of seizures). That was Monday night. I was so pooped that day that I wasn't sure I wouldn't fall asleep in the EEG room. Anyway, he didn't have a seizure, which means that the meds are actually working! Ta da!

Sometimes it's really good.


Anonymous said...

You're one of my heros Rach. Big P is very, very blessed to have you for his Mommy. I'm glad you listen to Jesus.

Love you, Jenny

Anonymous said...

Rae, you are an amazing women. Words fail me when I start thinking how much you've opened your heart and home to these encouraged that someone said a prayer for you today.

Love, lisa

Danielle said...

Hang in there. The other day when we talked about school, I was less than supportive. Sorry. I've been battling the school thing with my own kiddos for too long I think.

I am glad he is doing so well.

By the way, have you ever worn stellatos (did I even spell that right?)? That's the big question.