Saturday, October 4, 2008

ahhh colloquialisms

The kids are playing some Marvel comic book video game right now. Big P had a controller and he threatened, "You wanna piece of meat?"

But it doesn't end there. The smack continued...

He went on to shout, "I will throw it at you!"


Dawne said...

ha ha ha ha !!! Oh, man!!!

Erica said...

I wonder who they learned "smack talk" from...hummmmm...? Haha!

How's your drain?

Ginger said...

Just found this blog looking for a tutorial on pajama pants. We have 3 Liberians and one of them has said this very thing! "You wanna piece of meat?" What are the chances? Too funny.
I giggled at my 12 yo Liberian daughter the other day and said: You really butcher the English language. hehe