Monday, October 13, 2008

promises you don't wanna keep

So, a couple of weeks ago Miss Priss asked me if she could get a puppy. This is not a new topic, mind you, one that I have dismissed many a time with reminders of poop in the yard and our serious lack of people willing to do the job.

But the girl wouldn't drop it.

Other kids got on board.

It wasn't looking good for me - I was outnumbered.

So, I did what any good mom would do; I made it REALLY difficult for them to get the dog so that I wouldn't have to say no. They had to come up with a business plan: who would feed, drink, walk, pooper scoop on which day. They had to have $50 down, pay for the dog (however much that was going to be), pay for a kennel in the back, and come up with $15 a week (this would cover food and the leftover would go into an account for anti-flea junk and vet bills) for the life of the dog. What group of kids would actually follow through with this? I figured that they'd give up on day number two and move on to greener and easier pastures.

As of 8pm last night they've earned $103.

Chows are cute dogs... right?


Chantel said...

that is too funny!!

Anonymous said...

Your kids rock! Take them to the shelter, there's usually a really low fee, and will give them their shots and fix em. PLus, shelter dogs rule!

Sarah said...

Can I scare you a bit??? I run my dog 3 miles or more 4-5 days a week, and he STILL gets bored and doesn't know what to do with his what does he do? He chews on the siding on the house, oh, and he chewed on the bricks IN the house where the wood stove is. Crazy dog. Love him to death, but I am thinking maybe a dog that was past the puppy stage would have been better???
Oh, and Chows... HAIRY HAIRY HAIRY, but it's cool if yah like hair like that...;-)
Your kids are awesome.

Angie said...

Hmm..research the breed. From what I know about chows they can be aggressive and may not be a good family pet. check out this link

Dawne said...

Oh, I'm scared for you! Ryan keeps begging for a dog, and I say no. I just don't want one more life to take care of right now, and what happens when we have another baby?! Ryan is already like having a third child, then I'll have a dog, too? No thanks!

If your heart is set on getting them a dog/puppy, just know that no matter what they say, you'll probably be doing all the work by the end of the first week. I know I made all kinds of promises when I was a kid, and then stopped doing it without a huge fight when the "new" wore off.

Aly Cat 121 said...

LOL. That' was actually probably a good idea. So since they're paying for it - that's gonna be the best cared for dog in the city.

Rey said...

Get a poodle! They're great with kids, low on allergens, smart as get out and don't give a fig about doing an insane amount of running!

That's what you get for coming up with letting them implement Lord of the Flies mentality. Of COURSE they'd come up with the money. It'sll all over for you and the conch shell.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you got yourself some smart future business managers!

Good luck with the dog. Lots of work but every child has to have one!