Monday, April 13, 2009

my new favorite holiday

Yesterday was brilliant.

Easter has been bumped up to my new favorite holiday. It is replacing... a different one... but only because I don't think that I've ever considered which one was my favorite until now.

All life begins and ends with this day. He coulda chose not to... but He did. My life began that day. It is my birthday.

The pictures don't reflect the joy experienced - they never do, though, do they? First, time spent with church family. Next, time spent with Mom (and extended) family. Then, time spent with Dad and family. Last, a cool down with my family. What an amazing thing, all of these people in my life, chosen for this time, set up in this place, to have lives interwoven with mine. I am just so dang thankful!
(Brova, it WOULD have been perfect if you were here. I know, I know. Getting meatballs thrown at you is more important but I love you anyway. Know that you were missed.)

God rocks.
Not that you needed me to tell you that.


Sheree said...

wow! i can't believe i actually saw pictures!

first off, OMG sherman looks like he lost weight? his face looks so slender?! where have i been? and zu...what a princess, she is so BIG! i can not believe it, rach!!

easter rocks. HE is the coolest. the end.

Kimberly said...

I couldn't get the pictures..but i already know what a wonderful family you have.....I love you!! mucho hugs for all of you~


Erin said...

Your whole family looks AMAZING!! God's Amazing GRACE is so evident in each face....[how's that as a little rhyme for Miss F :O)]

Aly Cat 121 said...

Everyone looks great. Looking at all the green makes me miss Washington (a tiny bit) LOL.

(whose the dude passed out on the floor?)

Dawne said...

All of the kiddos have grown SO much! Your family is so beautiful. I love the pictures :)