Monday, December 24, 2007

used underwear?

It's bizarre to think that there are people out there who don't have the cash for underwear, isn't it? It's bizarre to think that there are people who would consider it a blessing to have your used underwear. My good friend Ashley has opened up a challenge for others to get involved in. She pledged to donate 250 pairs of underwear if 20 people will donate 10 pairs each. The undies will be shipped down to an orphanage in Liberia where the kids have one pair of underwear each. One pair. Try whining about the poor gas mileage that your 2005 gets now!

Just think about if you only owned the underwear that you have on now. They are in tatters and, honestly, you're blessed to even have that one pair. When the nannies (or possibly the older girls) at the orphanage where you live have a wash day, you've got no underwear at all until those suckers dry out in the humid jungle climate. There's no target or walmart for you to pick some up at... for that matter you aint got the cash to pick some up anyway. Who will help you? With something as cheap and as simple as this?

Ashley told me that she needs some teenage boys underwear in particular. Join with me, guys. If it were you who didn't have undies, I'd get you some and I'd ask others to help.


mountain-quiltist said...

I'm in, Raquel....where do we send them? Can you give me an idea of what sizes? Boxers or briefs?

I'll shop tomorrow. This is a really worth doing and I'm glad you offered it.

mountain-quiltist said...

Raquel, I finally saw the link to click wasn't there earlier...and I've sent an email to Ashley and I've pledged at pledgebank.

Angie said...

I'm in, if it's not too late. Let me know.