Tuesday, June 17, 2008

At least - day four

We've (alright... mostly Husband) been hacking away at trees, bushes, and the like this weekend and on into this week (that's the sad part of the story). A couple of extremely LARGE piles have grown into perfect kid mountains and now I have 6 kids that are covered in sap that won't freakin' come off.

At least we're almost finished?

But they're having a better time than I am. I often look up from the work to take in how different that the yard looks or how much that we've accomplished so far - it keeps me motivated. The kids, on the other hand, are having sword fights with the sticks, building very itchy houses with the evergreen limbs, and having as much fun as they possibly can amidst the dragging of trees from one spot to another.
I gotta tell you that watching their attitudes unfold throughout the day is crazy fun for me. Even cleaning their rooms comes with some singing! It's official. I am in love. I wonder if this feeling will last throughout summer break!?!


Chantel said...

awwwww, i love this picture. and yay for you for doing yard work...i was lazy and had a landscaper come out because we have so many bushes i am afraid i'll just hack them and they'll look scary and sparce.

ps hannah has the same jeans as zu.

Raquel said...

HA! Did you get them at the half yearly sale? Zu and I were looking through your latest photos and she couldn't beleive how big that Hannah is getting. I remember when she was in your belly... sad for me...