Friday, June 20, 2008


I've got a soft spot for the underdog.

A really big one. (have you noticed?)

Yesterday a woman was picking up some meth from up the road and her driver waited for her return on our private little road. I went and scouted out the driver, to make sure that they wouldn't do anything crazy to all my kids outside (About a month ago a man tried to snag up Mr. O by tempting him with french fries. Big P, who had been riding his bike on the road, dropped his bike and ran over to slap the fries outta his hand and carried Mr O up to the house. I was sweeping the kitchen with the door open and didn't hear a thing. I'm a little more touchy since this incident.) I glanced at the driver and my heart totally sank.

There was an infant in the car.

Everything in me SCREAMED to offer to take that baby while she ran off and got high. My blood pressure rose as I debated the awkward situation. It's one thing to be irresponsible when you're only responsible for yourself. It's a whole 'nother can of worms when kids are involved. I stood there, in the driveway hidden from the drivers view by some bushes. The woman who walked to get the meth returned while I stood there motionless... wishing that there was an answer to problems such as these. Wishing that I could swoop up that baby and make everything okay.

I watched them drive away and walked back towards the house where Miss Brasil stood.
I did nothing.


Danielle said...

Wow. Sometimes there are just no words...I don't think I would have done anything either. I know I would be thinking the same thoughts as you too.

Some things just suck.

Sarah said...

Life is often so ugly and messy, I wish we could fix everything, I really do. I don't know as if I would have done anything either. What would you have done with the baby? Would she have come back for it after she got high? You couldn't give it back then. The baby could be put in foster care, sometimes that can be just as bad. Tough stories with tough questions and answers. I am going to pray for that baby. God knows who he is. And for the mom too.

Anonymous said...

if you said a prayer for her than you didn't do "nothing." that's the most you could have done...that's more than even the social service people will do...much, much more.