Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What I Did

okay, bare (bear?) with me. this is yet another cute kid post.
so this morning Miss F is learning about writing papers that concern personal experiences. It's the first lesson so it's a fill in the blank thing. I gave her the paper and told her to write about something cool that she did. What she wrote is as follows (bold is the pre-written goblygook) :

I went to the couch.
Nobody went with me.
I saw my puppy sleeping on his bed.
I heard my mom typing on the computer.
Something I tasted was spit.
I smelled cupcakes baking.
I felt good.
The best part was when I was reading.
Other things to tell about: I saw my big brother doing his work. I saw the lamp by the dogs bed.

Thrilling, no?!? What an exciting life Miss F leads!


Sheree said...

i love it!! hey, are you guys on SB this week or was it last week? we had ours last week but we spent it sick. does it ever end?

thanks for sharing!!

Celeste Flores said...

that WAS riveting! my favorite part was when she tasted spit. ;)

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