Saturday, May 31, 2008

fair warning

So last night (started at 10pm) I steam cleaned the couches. The two couches. Uno. Dos. We got them.... three years ago-ish and intelligently spent a bit extra for the microfiber so that almost no stain was a true stain.


Last night I used just plain old hot water and here's what I got:
For those of you considering having a bazillion kids, consider this fair warning. It doesn't matter that no one is allowed to wear shoes in the house, that all food must be eaten over the table, that showers and tooth brushing are a requirement. Dirt, and I mean mega-disgusting-how-did-so-much-get-in-here-dirt, is inevitable. (I considered taking a picture of the junk I sweep up from the kitchen daily but I figured it might be a bit over redundant.)

the kids + my mom at the zoo

On a different note, I would like to officially invite all of you to the service that is being held whenever the weather is good and the pastor and worship leader feel like it. If you would like a fair warning call so that you can attend the five minute service, I hope that you will be within immediate driving distance so you can see how much I love these dang kids... the preaching is fairly pentecostal so I hope you're comfortable with verbal appreciation for the Lord!


Ashley said...

I'm here...I'm alive! It's been 2+ weeks without internet. I'm going to try to do some updates now. Hope all is well on your side of the world!

Celeste said...

oh my my my. my rugs are due for that same treatment but now i'm a little scared. :D

Anonymous said...

HMMM! So that's why you didn't call last night! I was stood up by the steam cleaner.....LOL!!
Just kidding! I LOVE your blog! I don't even wan to think what our carpets used to look like when I cleaned...YIKES!!!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh I can SO relate to the nastiness of it all! I gag each time we steam clean our carpets....just GROSS how much dirt accumulates. Only where there are no ox is the crib clean though right? (sorry Rach, that's my KJV talk coming out....)

Love, Jenny

Anonymous said...

gee, I'm glad someone else's couch are as messy as ours!


Danielle said...

Ewww! Gross. I have to do mine, but I am so putting it off.



Rebekah said...

I sooo need to steam clean my carpets, but I think it best to wait a few months til the older kids are back in school

Sarah said...

Nast-AY!!! *gag* Todd is SEVERELY allergic to dust mites and so we can't have upholstered furniture, so we have man leather couches. I was really bitter about it until now! =-) Just kidding, you should see our carpets (just the living room) after it is done...YIKES...*barf* and I wonder why we are always sneezing... Oy.

Anonymous said...

Is your momma scratching her booty in that picture????

Chantel said...