Friday, May 9, 2008

A quickie

not that kinda quickie.

Wanna know how much you're worth as a stay-at-home mom? This website will tell you after you give it a break down of your weekly duties at home as well as your zip. I'm worth $212,894. That's what's up! Now if I could just find someone to write out that paycheck... any takers??

Yesterday Big P, O Dog, and I were dropping off Little P at school. After getting my daily kiss, I say to Little P, "Peace out homeboy," as he climbs out of the van.
Big P then says with a smile, "I'm the homeboy. Little P is the schoolboy."

He thought that was pretty funny. I thought, 'this boy is getting some American wit!'


Dawne said...

I can't wait to give everyone hugs and meet Big P!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rae,

Whatcha been doing lately? Besides everything of course!!

Just wanted to say Hi!

Gigi said...

I ditto Dawne's comment. We are going to have a BLAST!!

Aly Cat 121 said...

going to check out my salary right now.

Erica said...

Oh my gosh, Z's picture made my heart jump out of my chest! You could not have cuter children. Holy cow, I love those kids!
I miss you all and hope to see you soon.