Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Introduction ~ why ghetto?

Hola and welcome to the very first blog by the very first official Ghetto Quilter. I often find myself perusing crafty blogs and they are oh-so-Better-Homes-and-Garden and I am oh-so-not. This is not to say that I don't appreciate the aesthetic beauty that people like that contribute to the world - because, it fact, I am slightly envious of their determination. I on the other hand merely think lovely thoughts that rarely ever take shape. There are a variety of reasons for this. Let's number them because that will be fun and rather blogger-like!

1. I am lazy.
2. I almost always prefer to think and chat about things (far too much) rather than taking any action. Alas, this is one of my biggest of flaws.
3. A lack of fundage. My ideas often cost much more than someone such as myself can afford. Example: I heart Nordstroms. Not because I can afford it but because the shoes and the teenager department (mind you, I'm 28 and too old to be shopping there) make my heart flutter. But I'm quite sure that we all have expensive taste. Who wouldn't?
4. Having a number four would make sense, as it comes after number three. And yet I don't have a number four, as of yet.

And so let's take a looksey around my humble abode
... Here's my "studio"
. Alright, alright. It's actually a kitchen table. And such a pleasant one at that. The old Singer is actually coming with me to Liberia for a drop off and so it'll sit on the kitchen table until October or November, awaiting it's new home. Then there's the iron. Nice, one, eh? That's from Walmart. I'm not a proud Walmart shopper, nor an obsessive one. But I thought that I should be upfront. Then there's some papers on top of my current project (funky 50's apron) that belong to my husband. Here's another shot of my studio from a different angle:

I even opened the Ikea curtains to shed some light. You'll notice the Glad storage throw away tupperware thingies that I put all my nessecities in. Just a few weeks ago, Miss Z asked me when we would ever eat at the kitchen table again. Not sure why she's tired of eating on the floor. Everyone else is doing it...

Moving on to the out doors, check out the lovely, and ever so creative, clothes line that I have set up in the yard. Yes, it is raining in Seattle in the dead center of July. It is what it is, my friends. Are you really all that surprised? As I was taking these fabulous shots of the home, I noticed a bright orange note attached to the window of our Mazda. Not a good sign. Upon closer inspection, I saw that a police officer had left his mark. He thinks that I ought to move my car from our property near the street to our property further from the street. Hmf. Too bad that the transmission is toast. I suppose that I ought to give some background. Well we have five kids, three of which are Liberian. We are presently in the process of child #6 and I was planning on trying to fix this car and sell it for a profit, helping to fund the adoption (you don't even want to know how much that costs!). But it appears as if a neighbor of ours ~ I have a fairly good idea whom ~ doesn't approve of the present parking space that we had alotted for this particular purpose. Here's a wider shot of the car in regards to our house. We own about 100 ft to the right of the car as well. Not a micro-inch of one of the wheels is touching the asphalt that the city owns. Not sure if they can do this or not. On the other hand, I'm not sure that I actually care enough to argue with the police department about it. Well, now you can see what makes me the ghetto quilter. Can't think of better timing that this for a 24 hour notice! My husband thinks that a quality such as a broken down vehicle in your yard is more of a white trash trait but I just am not going to go there. First, it makes for a ridiculous blog title (The White Trash Quilter - lame) and second, I am quite sure that my style of dress covers up too much skin in order for someone to categorize me in such a manner. For now, I'll do the categorizing, thank you very much!

My only fear with this blogging thing is that I'll get wrapped up in the insanity that is around me, partake in it, and never blog again. We shall see...


Dawne said...

what happened with the Mazda? I hope that police officer gets heart burn!

martha said...

I have a neighbor like that~~old snitch! last time I saw her said she remembered when I was skinny! I am SOOOO good at ignoring her.
I am fifty and I tried to convince my husband to let me buy these shoes at Nordstroms-would have but my orthepeodic inserts don't fit!
the ones in the store were plaid.

Raquel said...

OOOHHH! What color plaid???