Friday, July 20, 2007

Oh My Embroidery!

Last night I was working working working on embroidery-ing (is that a word? try to say it... it's weird) a lemon yellow linen skirt that I sewed together last week. I originally was going to put designs on with ... aqua ... but I got talked out of it once I was at Joann's (thanks Z) and went with a chocolate brown. Here she is this morning and 2/3 of the way done. I'm thinking one more circle above the rest... The skirt falls about mid calf and it makes me look like I have a booty. She's a keeper.
If only I could turn that dang picture once to the right. And yes, I am well aware that I need to iron the skirt. First I'm gonna finish the brown floss and then I'm all over it. This is the first time that I've used floss on anything other than a friendship bracelet. As I walked down that aisle last night, I was on high of elementary school memories. Ahhh yes... I often made them fatty and rainbow colored... so creative... pinning the knot to my jeans (or holding it in a book if I couldn't find one around the house) and then the floss would go back into the large purple marbled Caboodle. ..sigh..

Did you notice that I haven't touched the apron? Soon. I will soon.

All three of my girls want for me to make them a quilt of their choice and I agreed. First will be the ever shiny Miss B. Her and I picked out a pattern but I'm positive that she just likes the fabrics and isn't separating them from the quilt. What on earth am I expecting out of a six year old? Here's the pouting puppy after a long day in the sun:
And yes, I was mad that she got her hair wet. Summer isn't cool when it comes to braiding. And she was mad that I was mad. It made for a quiet few moments since it was just her and I on the grass. But let's move on to Superman in my bed this morning. I woke up and thought that today was Saturday so I felt around on my husbands side of the bed and all that I came up with was a warm, little skinny leg. I rolled over and to my surprise, it was Superman (aka Mr O)!
Doesn't he look like he's really sleeping? We actually took the photo after he'd already woken up. I asked him what he was thinking while I took this picture below.

He goes, "Hmmmm... I'm
tinking about... dinosaurs!"


Chickenbells said...

How nice it must be to wake up with Superman! I wake up with a cat, still nice in a way...but she doesn't wear a cape and looks silly in tights. I am excited to see your finished skirt...I love embroidery, but don't do it often enough! Thanks for the comment on my blog...have fun...

Abbie said...

You are an experienced mommy...hit the wet hair situation on the nail!
Your blogs are so interesting to read.