Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kept me busy

And you thought that I was too lazy to follow up on the 24 hour notice... HAHA! This honestly gained my curiosity as to where my property begins and the "cities right of way" ends. So I called the police # on the bright orange warning notice and, while the operator commiserated with me, she didn't know the ordinances as far as parking, ect. is concerned. However, she did give me the number for the ordinance guy. So I called him, left a message, and he promptly returned my call.
The ordinance guy seems jaded and may need to reconcile with his past about something because he was rather bitter and kept telling me how he "knew that I was just angry about this". This felt rather like projection as I was going out of my way to be polite and sound curious. (that's him on the left). But, driven by the desire to know if I was truly in the wrong, I continued on my plight. (that's me on the right - don't I look distressed?). Well, after he lectured me for a while on how not mowing the city's property would devalue our home, and the homes of those near
us, he proceeded to tell me that he didn't have the exact measurements of the "city's right of way" for our roadin front of him (aka he doesn't want to bother with piddly old me).
Hmf. Still I persisted! Curiosity shall prevail! So I asked him what most of the regulations were within our city's limits. To this his reply was 40 feet. His suggestion was that I find a light pole or fire hydrant and that will tell me that the city owns that property. Either of these have to be infront/beside our property. Well, we don't have any. So after this, he asked me if we had moved the vehicle to which I replied that we had. "Where is it!?" he demanded. "Well, it's in our driveway now..." I tried answering without a hint of smugness in my voice. I thought for sure that I had at least won that battle. As usual, I was wrong. "Now you're in my jurisdiction! You have 10 days to prove that you're car can move ten feet and if you don't then we'll charge you for abandoning your vehicle." he said with superiority. "On my property?" I asked, defeated this time. "Yep. City ordinance."
So now I officially have two arch enemies. One is the neighbor that called in the first place and the other is the city. Pooh heads.

Now don't be jealous when you find out that I will soon be the owner of this GORGEOUS charm pack mix of Amy Butler's lines Lotus and Belle. I went slightly psycho while bidding for it on ebay. NO ONE was going to come between me and that pack! 88 4" squares of loveliness. I paid (or will pay, rather) far too much for them but I couldn't help it... I love them. As soon as I saw them, the most elegant of designs popped into my head and this quilt is going to be all mine! My hands are getting sweaty with excitement. What a sad person that that makes me...
I know that everyone has their favorite color but I tend to go through fazes. Not too long ago, I went through a burnt orange faze but a lovely Mexican teal faze is bursting forth. I want to paint the hallway that color, sew pillow covers for the couches in that color, and possibly even tie it all together with curtains for the living room in that color. Again, what a sad person that this makes me. I wonder if I will ever follow through. I'm still thinking about finishing the crown molding that is two steps from being completely installed. I think that I started that project... umm... about a year and a half ago. The problem is that the ideas are much funner than the work. Maybe I should go the Martha Stewart way and just hire other people to do it for me...
Oh wait.
I'm poor.
For now I will just think thoughts...


Leah S said...

So park your car up on a hill and when they ask you to prove that it can move 10 feet, start it up, let it roll down the hill and tada! 10 feet. :D

Ok, so this is totally something I can picture my family doing. :D Or better yet, they would load the car onto the tractor trailer, pull the trailer 10 feet, tada! ;)

Obviously we don't handle meddling of other people's complaints on our own property so well. :P

Raquel said...

I'm cracking up... this was the advice that my father gave me! He insisted that we move it every 7 days, just to be safe!