Monday, November 26, 2007

Entering the 21st Century

I know that you all have been here for quite sometime, but I want you to know that I have returned. I turned my back against you all with all of your gadgets (*clearing throat* that would be... uhhh... cell phones) and stood firm in my ground. But I'm back now. I figured that Southy, of all people would be proud of me ;) I can no longer claim old school.

And so, let's take a moment to look back at what has propelled me to get cell phones in the past:

In 2001, I got my first cell phone. Not because I could afford it. Don't fall for that mess.
It all started on a dark and stormy night. Back then, it was just Miss Z and I. I was working part time and going to nursing school full time and trying to give all of my focus to my adorable baby girl. To say the least, life was an uphill battle. Anyhow, I had been studying for an AP exam with another single mom friend of mine and it was around 10pm when Miss Z and I left to head home. I took 405 home and was on the S-Curves in Renton when one of my tires blew. (Now, for those of you who haven't a clue what freeway I'm talking about, the section that I'm referring to has zero shoulders and is a very curvy and dangerous place to break down.) I pulled over as much as one possibly could, grabbed my baby and climbed over the wall of the freeway to take a hike in the disgusting trash that people toss out their windows while whizzing by at 65-75 mph (it's nearly impossible to go faster than that there). I quickly walked along the freeway, apprehensive about who might be doing whateva between me and downtown (if there is such a thing) Renton.
Some NASTY dudes in a rape van pulled off of the freeway and offered to help. I, of course, lied through my teeth about how I had already called and my husband was on his way. I thought about how woman are taught go potty on themselves if anyone tries to rape them. The guys were freaky and I didn't need to go potty. I just kept walking, holding Baby Z tighter, while I turned down their 'offer'. I was headed for a gas station in the distance and no one was coming between me and that pay phone. Especially men who wanted to kidnap me. They began reversing on 405, trying to continue the conversation with me. My pace became a jog as I yelled to them that "My husband is meeting me right over there (I pointed to the closest well lit area). NO THANK YOU!"
To make a long story short, my step dad came and helped me change my tire and I drove home with one teeny tire, safe and sound. I got a cell phone that weekend to assure myself that that would never happen again. I kept that phone for a while but ended up in an argument with AT&T over my bill. I was pissed but couldn't prove my innocence. In haste, I shut off the phone before the contract was up. They made me pay for the extra minutes (I had ordered a larger plan but they said that they had no record of that) and $400 for breaking contract. Did I mention that I was a single mom with a part time job at St@rbucks as my only income? Yeah. But I did promise that manager that I would tell everyone that I knew not to ever use AT&T. I have followed through with that promise (however, my little brother told me that Singular bought out AT&T but continues to use the name?). Poo heads taking advantage of people who can't help themselves. But that's a whole 'nother blog.

Christmas of 2004.
My MIL got me one of those prepaid phones which worked out perfect. When we had extra money, we put minutes on it. When we didn't have any extra money, momma didn't have a phone. I kept that phone for about... well until we were in our first adoption. My regular visits to the salon, cell phone time, and my weakness for shopping in general were all cut from our budget.

Yesterday 2007.
If you haven't noticed, cars break down on me more than your average human being. We don't drive brand new cars but they aren't junkers either. Not to mention that I'm far too PARANOID to drive them if I even think that they might break down. When I drive away in them, they aren't broken. They never break when my husband is driving them. Apparently this is my special problem. The event at Barnes and Noble last week was when I had finally had enough. I wish that we could depend on one another for help, but we just can't. Humans tend to look out for themselves. That's just the way that it is. So, my butt went out and got a phone.

The end.


Stephanie said...

I just dont know what Id do without my phone these days. Theyre SO worth it/ :)
Welcome to the club!

Sorry to hear about the creepy guys in the rape van. Glad everything is good.
Ive never heard about the potty thing though. Is that for real?

Raquel said...

I'm CRACKIN' up.

Yes, you're supposed to go potty on them. Apparently it's a turn off! I'm totally crackin up!

Raquel said...

..unless you're R Kelly!

Rebekah said...

I broke down one dark and stormy night on my way home from Florida. It was just me and the boys (7 and 5). I coasted into a gas station. Found a wrecker service that was open. They picked up my Blazer and the driver was nice enough to take us to a hotel afterwards.

I have no family in Indiana and Chuck and I were just dating but I had no one else to call. He borrowed a goose neck trailer and drove 3 hours to pick us up.
Since it was dark and I was in a strange place, I had no idea how to get to the service shop the next morning.

We found the place and loaded up my Blazer. The Blazer was actually too much weight for the trailer, which made for a very interesting ride home, but we made it.

I've never been told about the potty thing but I have always thought that would be a good thing to do.

southerngirlmusings said...

I am so excited, you are so in the 21st century now....woohoo!!!!!! I must do a happy cell phone dance now because after the BN issue, I was hoping that you would cross over to our side. :)

Ok, the whole potty thing is a new one for me.

Aly Cat 121 said...

ohhh honey, I'm VERY leery of the "kidnap" van, even if it's someone I know.

If you don't use your cell to chat, then you don't have to worry about a high bill. They do come in handy, especially when you have little ones.

nicole said...

so maybe spending money on my Tim Horton's coffee for the car ride is not a waste? perhaps always having a bladder ready is a good idea : ) sweet - you just justified an addiction I was feeling guilty about : )

Dawne said...

Those vans are REALLY scary! I'm glad you got a phone, though. It's safer to have one!

The Beast Mom said...

that's kinda' scary -that van story I mean. I would've freaked out.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I'm trying to catch on blogwalking!