Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I've been tagged. I like getting tagged but the tags are often toughies. They force a lot of reflection that requires a bit of time staring into space (not sure if you knew this or not but time is one of those things that I don't actually have a ton of) while considering all of the possible answers. Well, this is one of those tags. Thanks Jeromy(?) - hehehe.

Five of my most significant memories of 2007:

  1. Finding out that Papie was available for adoption after we hounded the orphanage to get them to let him in (they had originally not let him in due to his health issues).
  2. Realizing that I would be a mother to six kids which is just freakin' craziness
  3. My little brother coming home from three years in Italy. I missed him. In most ways he's my complete opposite and yet we get along oh-so-well.
  4. Remembering with Husband about the night that we got engaged, Christmas Eve (or was it Christmas? it was REALLY late) and recalling all of the ways that our lives have changed since then (which, honestly, is my favorite part about anniversaries. I love reflecting on how far that God has brought us and how much that we've grown as a couple and thus as a family.) I owe so much to my husband. Without him, there isn't a me. Ya know? If life at home was unstable and yucky, I wouldn't be able to do anything other than focus on trying to fix that. But thankfully I got WAY lucky and married the man of my dreams. The one who loves me more than I deserve. The one who watches me make mistakes but allows me to figure out what I've done rather than naggingly reminding me of how far I fall short. The one who is such a wonderful dad, such a hard worker, such a good hugger, and one who knows JUST how I like my coffee. I love you babe.
  5. This isn't really a moment so I'm not sure it counts but God has pulled me through some really tough times this year... He's taught me so many new things in such a short amount of time - like we (He and I) were on crunch time before the big test (not to be taken literally... although it kinda fits...). I'm crazy in love with Him. His love is new and fresh each time that I bask in it. The more that I love Him, the more that everything else just falls into place.
Without further ado, I am going to torture others and constantly check their blogs to make sure that they abide in my tag. Okay, I won't really. I am tagging Southy, Miss Brasil, Euphoria, Allyson, Susan and Stephanie.


Jeromy said...

You're welcome...anytime! :-)

Sarah said...

Drink coffee every day...it's good for you!
You are pretty sly I say! (wink wink) ;-)

mountain-quiltist said...

Thanks Raquel, I appreciate you pullin me off the couch where I've been languishing after having my wisdom teeth pulled so that I could be tagged....I did it.....go look and see for yourself. LOL

Aly Cat 121 said...

girl please, I'm so non-reflective . . .that could be my super-hero power "non-reflectivity" *chuckle to self*

Angie said...

There is something about a man who knows exactly how you like your coffee (or tea) and can make it better than you can.

Angie said...

Oh yeah, I gave you an award :D

Euphoria said...

nice reflections caffine addict!! I'll be sure to get this up on my blog this week!!

Aly Cat 121 said...

are you checking?