Thursday, January 17, 2008

the war against crack

This morning (it's garbage/recycle day) after I had dropped the kids off at school, I rounded the corner near our house and noticed that our recycle bin is gone. This is hard to miss (as it's LARGE and BRIGHT blue). I did a triple take to make sure that I wasn't just imagining things. Still not there. As I pulled into the driveway, I noticed a woman strolling around the neighborhood with my recycle bin.

A bit odd.

So Little O and I climbed outta the van and walked toward the street to get a better look. She's walking away from my house and down another street. She stops in front of a house (presumably hers) and leaves the bin out front. Little O and I keep staring with our mouths hanging open. She quickly returns with a box and takes a few minutes to break it down and then shoves it into my bin.

The recycle guy has already picked up our stuff so the bin is empty... other than her box.

She notices us staring at her, turns her back to us, going back to shoving the box in. Little O asks me if I'm going to go and take back our bin. I reflect on this for a minute...


She glances back at us a few times while we watch on with wonder. We go inside and I get on the horn with our garbage people. As I'm on the phone describing the strange turn of events (all the while having a really good laugh, I must admit) she walks past our window with the bin in tow. Now I'm really laughing. She heads up the road (away from the house that she got the box from) and just keeps on walking. I'm almost in tears I'm laughing so hard.

She's parading around the neighborhood with my recycle bin. Walking down the middle of the road, taking a bit of a stroll.

The garbage guy on the phone is laughing to as I tell him what is happening right before my eyes. He offers to send us a new bin. I agree. He then suggests that if she walks my bin back home that I just call them to cancel the order. I ask him if this happens often.

...uh... no... not really...

And so, all of you people who come up with advertising against crack, I suggest that this is a wonderful example of why crack is a bad idea. Forget about "crack kills" because it doesn't always kill. Plus, people who smoke crack tend to not enjoy reality or future thinking. My proposal is that you take real live footage of people high on crack doing really bizarre things (which appear/feel quite normal when your high).


Stephanie said...

You are TOO funny sweetie!!

Angie said...

I have some great phone recordings of people on crack, maybe we could use that too!!

Lisa said...

Yes, that women sounds like she was definitely on SOMETHING. :-)

Aly Cat 121 said...

well sh*t from what I hear from native Washintonians that METH is the REAL killer, got folks wishing they were crackheads. Now that's some scary azz sh*t.