Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blackberry Cobler

This is a short story about blackberry cobbler.

Once upon a time 10 kids got together and decided that I should make some cobbler. Because I'm not a baker, I struck a deal. If they would do all of the picking, then I would do all of the cooking. The men all met in a tight circle and discussed which part of the big forest that they would begin their hunt for the elusive blackberry.
After the decision of heading south was made, the big walk began.

"Wait! Does everyone have an over sized stick?" I gasped
With a sigh of relief, I noticed that all were well prepared. And so they continued on.

Where oh where could those blackberries be? Suddenly a mammoth spider arrived on the scene! It began to attack Mr. H!Oh no!!! It's lunging at his forehead! Who will save us??
Super G! After the battle went on for a few hours, Super G finally overcame the ferocious beast. Unfortunately the Big O was a casualty of this war. Picking himself up, the Big O thought he heard something... It was Mr. H shouting "Over there! It's good for your body!"

The hunt was over for blackberries was finally over. Let the picking begin.
And the taste testing.
With everyone safe and sound, I took a moment to enjoy the fruits (pun intended) of their labor. Such tenuous times that we had that day and yet we all somehow survived.
With that thought in mind, I baked away.
And we all ate because we all worked ever so hard.



rodrigo said...

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!That is way too cute!!!!!!! I love our kids, they are so cool and amazing and good looking and smart and funny and neat and radical.....

Dawne said...

that looks like so much fun! I bet the cobbler was delicious!