Thursday, August 9, 2007


Honestly, if this is an actual dilemma relative to the rest of my life, I'd say that I've got it pretty dang good! So I got those fabulous charms in the mail and have just now started plotting and sewing the bestest quilt ever (in my humble opinion). But I need help. My hubby wants a king size, which means 108" x 108", right? But I only have 88 of the beauties so my original and simple plan of putting a beauty in the center of a square and then sewing them all together... well, it just isn't going to work. I'm 22 beauties short. So...

I could either use this block pattern here

With this sketch of the quilt in mind (bottom right hand)

Or... I could go forward as planned with the plain old block pattern (ignore the top left block), which would require purchasing more beauties from here.

Or I could go every other... One block white then one beauty block (haven't cut any size appropriate white blocks). I really despise not working from a pattern and yet all of my quilts, excluding the first, have been this way. Either the measurements from the pattern were off, I just didn't like the patterns available, or I had an idea in mind and couldn't find a pattern that looked like it. So here I am again. In need of an opinion and destined to a bazillion trips to the fabric store. But if I did buy more of the charms, I could make matching pillow cases...

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