Monday, August 13, 2007

mohawks are in?!?

I promised myself that I would stay FAR away from politics on this blog and so my apologies for being weak yesterday. But just in case you want to hear my not-so-humble opinion on human rights then listen to this and we'll be straight.

Onto my projects from the weekend...
I made this pursey from this tutorial

My husband thinks that the birdy is juvenile... but what can I say? I like the same things that nine year old girls do! Here's the reversed side of the same purse:

And since I had some extra fabric, I figured that I'd mess around and try to make my own pattern. What I came up with definetly needs some... help. BUT not bad, if I do say so myself, for my second purse ever. Right? This one is also reversible. I want to give another style a shot because I missed my pockets when sporting the top pursey on Saturday. Reversible is fun and yet not as useful. And yes, Dawne, I was already planning on making you one ;) Will you email me your new address?

It's the closure that's all wrong on this one. Also the fabric that I chose to frame the purse just doesn't do it for me. But I went a little outta control while purchasing fabric so I have enough to mess around with for a while. And last but not least, I made a twirly skirt for Miss Z. I'll take a photo of her in it a little later today.
I adjusted the pattern an eensie bit. Miss Z wanted a lapa but I figured that a tuck-type closure wasn't a smart idea for a six year old. So I made the twirly a little longer and I also gathered the skirt portion before sewing on the waste band. I followed the directions the first try, but the skirt wasn't quite as full as I was hoping. It's probably the added length.
And since you were holding your breath over the weekend, waiting to find out what I was going to do about the quilt-that-isn't, I thought that it would be best to inform you that I decided to buy more charms. Sad for me. I have to wait a few more days for them to show up in the mailbox. Don't cry for me. I'll make it somehow.
Here's Miss B with her latest hair style. She almost wasn't going to let me take photos of her with a hawk. But don't worry, I braided the whole thing down (picture on right) so she could "go to her friends house and them not make fun of me."


Dawne said...

Yes!! Those purses are awesome!! I think the mohawk is cute! :)

southerngirlmusings said...

The purses are cute and I love the twirly skirt. The mohawk is indeed rockin'..

Mandy said...

OH my goodness. You did that? Can I come to your house so you can teach me? Please, please, please. Oh, and not the purses, the hair. I just cannot figure it out and my daughters (and my wallet) sure wish I could.