Monday, August 20, 2007


Port Townsend was lovely as usual... Here's a few pictures from the craft fair/farmers market that just happened to land on the weekend that I was there ~ teehee

That quilt that was up for raffle had over 400 hundred hours of work done on it (I bought three raffle tickets)! All hand appliqu├ęd and hand quilted... made me feel lazy just looking at it. Then I, of course, opened my big ole' mouth and told the ladies who worked on it that I too am a quilter! Once I had their interest peaked, I realized that I had to admit that I indeed am a machine quilter. Not so hard core.

And the earrings make me oh-so-happy. Sporting them now. A chica hand made them and I was OH SO TEMPTED to get more than just one pair. She's got an etsy site and she made promises that more of her stuff would be up there soon. Her earrings are cute cute cute. Turquoise and corral and silver ... my personal favs. I had to walk away, though. Just kept thinking grocery thoughts (they sound something like this: "Don't forget that you guys need to eat in two weeks. Would you rather have food or earrings?")

Got the rest of those charms in the mail and so I now have no excuses on finishing the quilt-that-isn't. Uhhhh... nope. That's about it for today. Uhhhh... yep.

No wait! The coolest article about redheads is in the latest National Geographic! Here's some fun facts about us:
  • 2% of the worlds population are estimated to be natural redheads
  • 13% of Scotland's population are redheads and 2 out of 5 carry the gene
  • $123 million was spent on red hair dye in 2006
  • By 2100, redheads are thought to be extinct
  • Only about 4% of people possess the redhead gene
  • But it is popping up in "far flung places" like Jamaica
Now I know why I look like no one. Although I might find others like me if I made a trip to Jamaica ;)

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Sarah G said...

I love Port Townsend. My hubby and I get away to the Victorian house on the hill across from the lighthouse. We love that place. It is a really nice bed and breakfast with a really nice gazebo outside with a hot tub. WAY FUN. Did I mention...I love Port Townsend?? The beach on the old Army base there is really nice too! LOVE IT!