Tuesday, August 7, 2007

home again!

It wasn't the bed that I missed... it was the hottie warm body that shares it with me.


But I'm home again and the girlfriend that I visited banned my sewing machine from her house (she mentioned something about spending time with her and not my crafts) so I can't tell you about my arguments with the security people there. However, after spending a little time in four different airports, I can say that they all have different rules concerning what I could and could not bring with me. Good thing that there's some consistency(?). And yesterday the color went up to orange (I haven't read anything news related and so have no idea why) and so two different airports went through my purse. This was a sad affair indeed. Seeing my books, tampons, make up, plethora of pens (why do I carry that many?), bazillion receipts, loose fabric squares, amongst other non-descript items filtered through by complete strangers was a bit bizarre. Not even my husband rifles through my purse. On the other hand he knows that I don't carry explosives.

The only crafty stuff that I have to report on is some CUTESY fabric that I bought while in Iowa. Michael Miller Dick and Jane print with some accenting stripey fabric that I have no idea what to do with. Any thoughts?And I figure that traveling is a pretty darn good excuse for shopping for random and unnecesary items. Here's a few things I scored (for crazy cheap because prices in Iowa are almost absurd and so one just can't help herself)

The tank top says, "Be the miracle." It's some organization that I know nothing about but I just couldn't help myself because I agree completely. And just so you know, I believe that we all have a little single-woman-librarian-too-many-cats-
in-the-home within us. She tends to wear buns and comfy clothing that is long out of style. But what does she care? Her hair isn't touching her and her cats love her regardless. This tendency reveals itself within my own life with my love for wind chimes. Tacky, I know. And yet I love the sound that they make and for whatever reason they whisper my name as I pass by them, wanting me to bring them home. This is all being said in order to excuse the fact that I bought new colorful wind chimes and have already hung them up outside. Teehee.

And here's the cutest baby that I made
this quilt forP.S. Hot + Muggy = Iowa

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Dawne said...

what a cute baby! I love the quilt you made for her, too. I bet she'll love it forever.