Monday, August 27, 2007

Tibetan Dance

On Saturday, the girls and I went to my moms to meet up for a chica outing. My mom practically tiptoed to the street where I had parked the car and whispered to us (well, mostly the other three) that she wanted us to meet her friend. Can you see the little guy?
He was just a skinny little baby; brave one too. Probably would've stayed longer if Miss Z hadn't tried to pick him up. But we were off to bigger and better things anyhow! To the children's museum we go! For those of you who haven't had the privilege of sitting down for extended periods of time while your kids do activities that make you feel like they did something better than watch t.v., let me tell you a little about the layout. There's a bunch of areas dedicated to different activities. Like a dress up/theater area, a ball room where someone can shove balls into a bazillion different places and watch all of the places that they come out area, a music instrument area, a computer area, a nature area, a pretend restaurant area, ect. Usually, with all five kids, we spend a little time in each place. But not with the girls! With the girls we sat in the craft room for just under two hours! Like mother, like daughters ;)
And just by chance it was the Tibetan festival at the Science Center so we checked out all of the nagchampa, jewelry, knickknacks, and best of all ~ fabric!!! I scored two hand dyed pieces for free (late birthday present from mom)! They're just a few inches bigger than queen and oh so GORGEOUS! Ahhh the possibilities. I was thinking of a duvet cover for the down comforter or maybe some curtains? Not really sure yet but I'm always happy to add to the ever growing stash!
The kids (and Kahuna, our cat) thought that they looked like great tents.

Husband helped me to fold them after their photo shoot and he insisted that they had a poo stain on them. (There he is pointing it out). I complained a little that he said it was poo (I was extremely excited, afterall, and he was deflating my happy balloon). But to make me feel better he added, "I bet you that it's an authentic Tibetan yak poo stain!"

Here's a few more photos from our chica outing...
(I was a little distracted while taking this last photo... some strange woman was behind me taking a bunch of photos of my kids... it was bizarre. Not sure if the right thing to do was to ask her to stop or ask her what on earth she was taking them for but I did nothing but take an off center photo. Good mommy.)

P.S. I named this Tibetan Dance because my mom and the girls all danced with a large group at the festival and I was attempting to download this video. Blogger doesn't want me to, though. Questo รจ la vita.

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Dawne said...

That fabric is beautiful! It looks like everyone had a great time :)