Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Wallet

I spent a couple of days sewing sewing sewing (i.e. making tons of mistakes) before I finally came up with this long wallet.


The kids and I made some felt pets the other day and allow us to show you how it IS possible to maintain a high level of cool while sewing stuffed animals. Oh yeah!
WARNING: Making felt animals with your five kids takes substantially longer time that what you will set aside. They will drop their needles, lose their needles, someone will find the needle by stepping on it, knot their thread, split their thread, and ask for help a bazillion times while you are amidst helping two other kids. You have been warned.

A little while later an alligator head was getting so hungry that it ate some over ripened (do veggies get 'over ripe'?) broccoli. And can I just say that outta the garden broccoli is SOOOO much better than store bought! Yummm. We were all fighting over the stems! The other beauty of growing broccoli is that I really put zero thought into the whole deal. Planted, watered, and they grew. Kinda like squash :)

And last but certainly not least, as promised, is the twirly skirt that I made for Miss Z. Here it is prooving it's twirl-ability to the world!


Dawne said...

Cool wallet! Does that mean I get one to match my nw purse?
I love Zamora's skirt, too. I miss you guys so much!

southerngirlmusings said...

Love the wallet and those other shoppers were obviously just stunned by its beauty. :) The twirly skirt is adorable!

Abbie said...

I have a sewing machine and don't even know how to thread it ( is that even the correct term?)
I think it is broken but not sure. You probably can get better use out of it, you are so talented!