Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dear Quilt that Isn't-Quite-Yet

Dear Quilt that Isn't-Quite-Yet,

We've had some good times together... haven't we? I remember when you were just in your infancy - an idea in my head (that no one wanted to help me with... we truly were on our own!).
I planned for you! You were a quilt that was wanted from the start. Don't you ever let anyone tell you different. I spent so much time obsessing over how to put you together. No ordinry pattern was good enough for you. I even worried that using off-white as your base fabric would effect my coffee-in-the-bed habit. But I overcame this fear and decided that you were more important! I will do my best to not drink coffee whenever we're in bed together (and if I get weak, just do me a favor and don't stain, okay?).
And then a portion of you came in the mail... oh how thrilled that I was! I opened up your little ziplock cover and petted you until I began to scare myself. I just couldn't help it. You were so softy and beautiful. So softy and beautiful, as a matter of fact, that I ordered more of this portion of you so you wouldn't be anything less than perfect.
Just look at yourself! Who could resist?And then that fateful day came when I began sewing you together, piece by piece. With loving care and a moderate level of accuracy you grew from the quilt-that-isn't into what you are today...

The Quilt that Isn't-Quite-Yet.

With all my heart,


Dancer said...

YAY!!! You did it! It's looking good. I love to quilt, but have been forced into a "break" by the powers that be called graduate school. I really love the fabric. Are you a hand stitcher or machine? Or do you send it in to someone?

Raquel said...

Sad for you... quilting is my stress reliever - and I imagine that graduate school provides a lot of stress!
I am all about the machine. I was not born with the dexterity of a hand quilter ;) I was actually debating whether or not I could shove this quilt in my machine just yesterday... it's going to be a king size which I've never attempted.
So what are you studying? I heart college... wish I could go forever.

Dawne said...

This quilt is gorgeous!

Dancer said...

I'm studying health and social psychology. I want to eventually go into health policy.

I'd love to learn to machine stitch. I need to get a new machine before I would attempt that. I have a few half finished quilts that I will just pay someone to finish because it's faster (for me).

Keep up the good work.

Jen said...

LOVE the quilt! Good job:)