Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In response to...

Okay, so pretend like I tagged you and do these on your blog. Make me look good, ladies.



Favorite Disney Movie - uhhh... probably Jungle Book

Greatest Dessert - caramel anything

Best Craft - like my favorite craft? I honestly can't say. I like 'em all (except scrapbooking - I don't know why but I just can't gig on it)

Occupation - soldier for Christ

Dream Job - a writer. ~sigh~

Greatest Hero - Jesus. But Husband comes in a close second.

Pet Peeve - Self-righteousness

Randomness about You - I'm pink. But you already knew that.
The Beast:

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Starbucks barista
2. secretary for a shipping place
3 file-r at a college
4. LOTS of bookstores

Four movies I have watched more than once:
1. Sound of Music
2. Shawshank Redemption
3. Garden State
4. Anne of Green Gables

Places I have lived:
1. Seattle
2. Seattle
3. Seattle
4. Seattle

Four TV Shows That I Watch:
1. Heros
2. DOG the Bounty Hunter (shutup. I LOVE him.)
3. that's
4. all

Places I have been:
1. Seattle
2. Seattle
3. Seattle
4. Seattle

Four of my favorite foods:
1. dim sum
2. virtually any and all soups
4. greek food, yo

Four people who email me regularly:
1. Ashley
2. Nikole
3. Enrico
4. Mi madre

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. heaven
2. a white sandy beach with a margarita in hand
3. on my way home from Liberia
4. visiting with bunches of family

Four friends who I think will respond:
1. Southy
2. Dancer
3. Euphoria (as in the CK perfume?)
4. T

Things I am looking forward to this year:
1. Coming home from Liberia
2. hugging Husband when he gets home
4. I can't think of anything else...


Dawne said...

I am so excited that you love Dog, too!! :)

Tabitha said...

hummmm(that is my thinking deep thoughts sound) seem to want to leave Liberia....a lot. Technically you haven't been yet, but you want to leave. We also need to expand your horizon past Seattle. So next time you get tagged as to where you have been, you can say, Seattle, Seattle, Seattle, Africa!!! Kinda cool, right????

Anonymous said...

I am also so excited that you love Dog, he is the best!! And I agree, you need to get outta Seattle!

southerngirlmusings said...

Dog the Bounty Hunter...hmmmm..moving on, I would love to respond but Euphoria tagged me so I answered her questions already and I did the 4 thing meme if you ever decide to visit the nation's capital or Maryland, you and your crew can stay here and we would have so much fun!!! :)

Euphoria said...

Ewwwww... that perfume is so stinky! I LOVE that new Gwen Stefanie one- so good!!

I take it you've been in Seattle for like EVER!

Dancer said...

I will post answers soon. Promise.

The Beast Mom said...

heh-heh. thanks for doing this. I was entertained. ;)