Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Really important things

like cars.

We'll need a new one because in a few months we won't all be able to smoosh into the minivan any longer. Whaddaya think? A burb? But those drink soooo much gas and thirst for more. And NO I will NOT be caught driving one of those excruciatingly large vans that seat 500. The minivan was hard enough on my ego.

Speaking of cars, I realize that I have a problem. I've named it vehicular profiling. I categorize people according to the cars that they drive. When I met Husband, he drove a Malibu. Perfect, I thought. It seated four, wasn't flashy, screamed stability, and was always spotless.

Other examples:

  • BMW (any model) = so self propelled that they will step on others to reach the top
  • Honda Odyssey = a bit snobbish but at least they aren't driving the beamer anymore (I want one of these, by the way, and have never even driven a bmw. But I did have a crush on a boy in middle school who's initials were bmw. Get your mind outta the gutter.).
  • Ford Focus = young, likes new things and buys them even though they can't afford them, also enjoys speed
  • Acura Integra = spends a lot of time on being good looking but has bad intentions
  • Old Beat Up Pick Up Trucks = now that's just hot. I have no idea why but it's true.
  • Volkswagen Jetta or Gulf = in between two places: childhood and adulthood
  • Scion: Pa-leeze.

I can't think of anymore models right now... All I can hear is Mr. P sniffing. I think that he may have a cocaine problem. He sniffs and sniffs even though there is nothing there and when I tell him to stop, he does... just like that. It's a new bad habit that only occurs when he's bored.

I betcha that those kids at his school hooked him up.

Really important things.


Dancer said...

you are too funny...I roll my eyes in laughter

Abbie said...

lol, my beat up saturn wiht more than 180,000 miles on it, says I'm a cheap poor poor person.
That car is a real trooper.

Anonymous said...

What would a VW bug convertible or a Ford Expedition mean?

Raquel said...

Is this a loaded question?? I'm still crackin' up from your response on Dawne's blog...

Angie said...

I drive a red focus - 2 me it says "Too cramped for a 5 year old and often a 1 year old nephew in the back" But Rocky bought it and pays for it, so I can't complain. (too much) Now he wants me to get a mini van. I'm with ya on the mini van thing. Unless he plans on giving me more babies soon, one child at 26 does not a mini van driver make.

Raquel said...


HAHAHAHA! (imagine that that laugh sounded like me imitating an evil laugh)

Welcome to the I-hate-minivans-but-I -drive-one-anyways-club! Or maybe not. Maybe you'll get a ginormous ford explorer and you'll splash me as you speed on by (looking WAY cuter than myself).