Thursday, October 18, 2007

The second to last Gulu Walk Post

It's second to last because, well, I'm going to have to post pictures from the event, right?

So I'm going to make all you all a deal. If you donate at least $20 towards helping the children of northern Uganda, I will make a florescent sign with your name on it and carry it while on the Gulu Walk. Imagine it now... you will be famous! sorta. I will mount the sign onto a stick so that I look like I'm picketing for better health care but I'll actually have a sign with your name on it. Can you see it?? And if you've already donated cash and want your name on a sign, I'll totally do it but you have to tell me.

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Even if you aren't up to donating, I still want to encourage you to learn more about what's happening over there. Unicef has a pretty general over view here that you could check out. I am moved strongest with personal stories so please take a few minutes to watch this video.


Dawne said...

Done! :) I'm SO looking forward to that sign! Hee hee hee!

Dawne said...

You achieved your goal, plus some! awesome!! Good luck tomorrow!