Tuesday, October 23, 2007

picture day


The last week has been a BLAST and I feel refreshed and oh-so-content. Let's do a quick overview and then I'll blab about less important things tomorrow ;)

The Gulu Walk:
It was a nasty weather day with mega winds and the rain drizzling just enough to remind us that we were in Seattle BUT the girls were super troopers and we made it around Green Lake one and a half times (thanks to my bad parking spot, we had to walk half way around the lake in order to find the group). I think that we were probably the oldest and youngest walkers in the group ~ I listened to quite a bit of chatter on how to attract boys that act like they don't like you when you like them. Also listened to some chica who was quite self-assured in her knowledge of Africa. A few times I almost interjected into her speech to edit some of the bent facts that she was spouting, but I kept it together and played the grocery store game with my girls instead ;)
Dawne, we represented you and the boys but I flaked and didn't take any pictures to prove it... Thanks to everyone who supported our walk, we raised a total of $325.00 for the children of Uganda!!

Pike Place Market:
It's always a hoot to me, having guests from out of town, because you get to do all of the tourist-ey things with them like the market. We went on Saturday after the walk and it was piz-acked! Can you find my girlfriend in the white coat below? I had a hard time keeping track of everyone in there. But, we did get my favorite food group: humbows (not sure if I spelled that right)!

Down time:
Husband has been back and forth about us having another baby. I am adamantly against this sleepless idea but DANG those babies are just so hard to say no to! They smell good and coo when they're full... my maternal instincts run full blast when I get to fall in love with someone else's responsibility ;) However, this hormonal imbalance isn't strong enough to wipe out the memories of breast feeding and two hour sleep pattern that one picks up with an infant around the house.

Closing Statement:
Overall, I am SO thankful for my girlfriends that God blessed me with. What would I do without them? They make the tough times in life that much more bearable and the fun times ever funner! So a cheers to all of the girlfriends who love me endlessly, do dishes at my house, and love my kids almost as much as I love theirs!


Raquel said...

woops! minor misprint: we raised $365, not $325! You guys ROCK!

Stephanie said...

Ohh baby chatter! My sister is expecting her first and we are so excited!!

southerngirlmusings said...

Glad the walk went well and for the update because I emailed you about it. Love the pics and for the East coast what are those things that you love, is it a pastry or what? Babies, wooo I want another one but can't so I will spoil yours if you have one but I can't take the night shift but I will think about how you are sleepless in Seattle. :)

Dawne said...

Another baby would be wonderful!! You'll just have to come to Florida and snuggle mine when we go in March :)

Dawne said...

I think it's Humbao... and they are good! You can't get them here :(

Angie said...

Your husband needs to have a chat with my honey. He wants to wait 2 more years to get pregnant. I may explode if I have to wait that long. Although, that whole no sleep thing makes me slightly more patient!

Dancer said...

mmm.babies. I want one too. But we have a total of three pregnant family members, so I plan on doing some pretty hefty spoiling. That whole lack of sleep thing isn't very long when you put in perspective of their whole life. So, go on and have another so I can spoil yours too. ;)

I'm glad the walk went well.

Raquel said...

There's nothing like shopping for baby goodies... sigh...

It's a Chinese pastry. Basically it's sugary bread with flavored meat and/or vegetables inside. Then the whole deal is either baked or steamed and honey is drizzled over the bread. YUM! Next time you're up here, we'll get you one ;)

Dawne, Have you already bought tickets?

Angie, So that would put your kids at an 8 year age difference? I'll put a word into Husband.

Dancer, You ARE going to have one! That sweet smelly breath and agape love. ahhh. We'll just ignore all of the work and focus on the payoff ;)

Euphoria said...

YAY for the walk! Pics look like you had fun!!

Euphoria said...

PS- I think you have enough "babies" LOL

Rebekah said...

Im with you. I love the baby stage but not enough to start over with those sleepless nights. I am going to enjoy every day with little Suze for now.
Great pics