Thursday, September 6, 2007

A conversation with Little O

While driving to pick up P from his second day in kindergarten today, Little O and I chatted...

(Little O covering nose)"Mom, I smell stank dog."

(Me, turning down volume of car radio in order to make sure I heard him right) "What?"

Still plugging his nose, Little O states, "I smell stank dog."

"Maybe you just need a bath because I can't smell anything stanky."

"No! The stank dog smell is only coming to me... (pause while he looks out of the car window)... I think it's coming from the stank field that has running stank dogs in it. Probably Clifford or something."

"Probably stanky Clifford," I giggled in agreement.

"Ope! The stank is all gone!" Little O turns his head to watch the scenery out the window once again.

I couldn't manage to get a good smile out of Mr. P on his first day of kindergarten... But this is a sight that one can often see when looking at P ~ chatty chatty chatty.

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