Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Remember When...

Before I had Miss Z, I was just about the most selfish person on the planet. Seriously. Maybe I'll tell that story another time.

And then... and then... I got to know Jesus a little bit better. He grabbed my eyelids and ripped those suckers opened. Enough was enough, I guess. It seemed that He was ready for me to see the reality of my brothers and sisters around the world. That they are people; people that could have been me. He showed me that He gave me all of this (US citizenship, money, status, etc.) so that I too could give it away.

And my heart for people just keeps right on growing. So much, in fact, that my dad often reminds me (with a fatherly tone) that I can't save the whole world. My response is to just smile at him and nod, all the while thinking to myself, "Whatever. I'm going to freakin' try." And that's why I'm going to keep on bugging you about the Gulu Walk (at least until it's done).

Walk the walk with me in your city! Don't have a walk near you? Then sponsor me while I walk for the children of northern Uganda. Let's show our brothers and sisters that they matter... let's show them that we love them even though they aren't able to give anything back to us in return.

That is, anything other than gratitude.


Euphoria said...

God bless you for giving to others and putting others before yourself.

Way to go for someone who used to be so selfish (as I was myself).

Walk it like crazzzzzzy!

Erin said...

Walk on in Jesus' Name!!
Then walk down your street and GET to know your neighbors!! I've just read a few past blogs... :) Holidays are coming, great excuse to have an open house!
Love ya ghetto chick