Monday, September 10, 2007

me? competitive?

Because I can't help it. I want to win things. This is why I don't play sports. Because I WANT TO WIN and my scary competitive ugly side comes out. So instead of playing sports or board games, I'll just try and win things off of Sprittibee’s Blog.
Like a new pair of wedge clogs.
But you can't do it too.
Because then my chances of winning go down.
I never win anything.
Don't you feel sorry for me?
I deserve a chance.
Okay, fine.
You can enter too.
Don't say that I never did anything for you! cheaters.
I have an idea.
Let's compromise.
Only cloggers that live in the PNW can enter.
I mean, you don't want to look comfy and cute - right?
You want to look like... like Brittany Spears.
She wouldn't wear these.
She'd rather wear red patent leather 4" heels.
You like grocery shopping in those, right?
And taking your kids to school.
Or mowing the lawn.
Those heels probably really impress the principal.
I betcha he thinks you look smart in them.
So just let me win.
I'll be comfy cool in some easy spirit's and you can...
You can...
Look smart in your heels while walking the dog.
Sounds like a good deal to me!

Does that dog have poo in it's mouth?


Heather said...

Too cute. Yes, the dog looks like it has some poo issues there. I liked your chalk drawing pick. :) Glad to find you on the net. See, these little contests really bring people together. Even if we are crazy people who blog to imaginary fans on the net. Best of luck to you on the contest. :) We'll be drawing names out of a bowl.

I loved the post.

Jessica said...

The shoes are all yours and that dog SO has poo in it's mouth!!! That made me laugh so hard!

Dawne said...

You can have the shoes. I've never been a clog fan. I love your blogs, though, so keep 'em coming!