Friday, September 14, 2007

Do I deserve it?


Absolutely not! I've got quite a bit of work to do in the "niceness" department. But I will accept it graciously. I would like to thank my kids for pushing my patience daily (that's how we gain patience, RIGHT!?!). Also props to Husband who teaches me how to be nice through his own actions. But God, you're the one that I'm giving my award to because anything within me that is worthy comes straight from you.

I'm handing this bad boy to ... (drumroll please ~ okay that was trite)
*Rebekah because she ALWAYS has something pleasant to say... even when I go off about poo heads.
*Dancer because even though she hasn't blogged in a while (hint hint), I adore her.
*Miss Brasil because she's always around to be the bestest friend ever. Can you say that when you're 29? BFF.
*Southy I want to give this back to you. Is that possible? You are WAY nicer than I am. So nice, in fact, that you think I'm nice!?! By the way, you're late for coffee. The Korean ladies and I are waiting for you to show up. Should I serve them the shortbread now?

Okay... I'm off to quilt ~ suprised? The Ghetto Quilter is actually quilting. How unusual.


southerngirlmusings said...

Flight delays and connections, tell the ladies I am working on getting there. :) Go ahead and serve the shortbread and we will have to catch up soon.

Rebekah said...

Wow, thank you. I am honored. Like you there are times I dont feel so nice, but I accept graciously and will do my best to be honest, trustworthy, loyal.... oh, wait.. isnt that some boyscout oath?

Dancer said...

Hey! Thanks, lady. I will see what I can do about blogging more frequently. BS took internet away at home (no land line), so now it isn't as easy.