Thursday, September 6, 2007

P.S. an update.

The girls said that their lunch bags don't keep anything cold regardless of how we treat them.

FOR REAL... a gentleman walked up to the house on Saturday during dinner and asked if I would start watching his son after school. Husband (who was talking with him) stared at him blankly before he figured out that this gentleman thought we were a daycare. This gentleman said that he had seen the kids and I last year at school and had recently driven by, seeing us all in the yard.
After the guy left, Husband retold me what was said... feeling bad, I ran out to the street to see if he was still walking to his house so that I could offer to watch his son for a couple of weeks until he could find a real daycare. I couldn't find him.

So, NEIGHBOR, if you're reading this... I would be more than happy to have your little guy come and hang out with us.

I really should introduce myself to the neighbors.


Tracey said...

OMG, too funny! I think I'd be designing a little "This is NOT a daycare" sign for the front door.
I might even be inspired to design myself a smart alecky t-shirt to wear when I go out :P

Jessica said...

Too Funny! Poor guy... I bet your hubby was like WTF?

Raquel said...

If I did that then what would I blog about? I guess that I could complain about white people with dreadlocks who wear an over abundance of patchouli oil...

Husband is oh-so-much-more patient than I am... and understanding... and all of the other things that keep my naturally DRAMATIC self close to the ground. He was chuckling while he retold me the story. Don't you just love husbands? ..sigh..