Friday, September 7, 2007

A Night at SAM

On the first Thursday of every month, the admission to the Seattle Art Museum is (gasp) free! So last night I ditched Husband with kids and soccer practice and headed out with Mom. teehee. You'll be glad to know that they wouldn't let me take photos in the museum (I got stopped twice) so you'll have to read more than stare at the photos yours-truly took...

First stop? We were accosted by some art students who wanted us to vote on their chalk drawings, thrilled at the invite, we agreed. Apologies for the fuzzy photo there, I was trying to get the older woman in with the drawings ~ we were fast friends ;)

Here's how I voted:
Third place. I enjoyed the colors.

Second place. For vision.

And First Place. This bad boy had vision, beautiful colors, as well as an artist that actually knew what they were doing with chalk. I would hang this one up at my house... if it weren't a chalk drawing on the sidewalk...
So since they wouldn't let me take photos for YOU GUYS (I really was thinking of you, I promise) I took some notes of my thoughts while I was there. Pretend it's word pictures.

me likey:
Danny Lyon
John Singer Sargent

A strong pull towards people. Precision and human emotion attract me. Not into modern art. Even a taxidermied scotty dog entitled, "cheap to feed." It lies on a chair with its eyes shut. Gross. A group of cutesy Chinese girls (tourists?) were looking at it with me and giggling so hard that it was difficult not to join in.


I find that I enjoy Georgia O'Keefes' from a distance rather more than up close. Colors are gorgeous but... flat up close. On the other hand, what do I know? These paintings go for bazillions.

Christ and the Woman of Samaria by Francesco de Mura 1752
I think that this poor woman (and Jesus for that matter) deserve for this to be repainted. She appears a snob, bored at the sight of Jesus while He, put out by her presence - so put out, in fact, that He's got to sit down and take a deep breath. I imagine the exchange to have been far more loving and a connection made between the two.
I mean, what's up with her bushy eyebrows and weird head piece?

While walking through the European section, I noted:
great boobs,
ugly children.

A Shepardess Adorned with Flowers by Gerrit van Honthorst (1627)
I think that I would like to join those ladies... if my dress was cut that low, I would fall out too.

And then Mom and I went to the International District to have some yummy Chinese yummy-ness for dinner. I even have leftovers for lunch today! And since we were there, I dragged my mom into Uwajimaya so that I could peruse the craft section at the Kinokuniya Bookstore... here's what I scored:

I was intrigued by the clothing magazines but I'm so much LARGER than a cute little Japanese model that I fear the sizing. So I went with purses. Afterall, I've been promising Miss Brasil one for... a while...

Thanks, southerngirlmusings, for the inspiration!

*This comment was made while I was surrounded by a large group of Emo-ites in the modern art section. My mom calls the style Emu. I correct her every time, which she finds amusing. "Not an ostrich's cousin, EMOTIONAL."


rodrigo said...

Man, Miss Brasil I know will be so happy with her upcoming beautiful, fun, lovely purse......

Lisa said...

Yeay you for getting out to see some great art. ANd LOVE that purse.

Plan to link ya. K?

Rebekah said...

thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment... comments are always fun to get.( well, I havent had any bad ones yet..)
I tired to leave a post on your other blog but it wouldnt let me. I think what youre doing is VERY cool.
Enjoyed learning some art tonight. I'll be back