Saturday, September 22, 2007


The program doesn't have orange for the hair, please excuse the error.
And the truth is that I slept in the t-shirt that I wore yesterday (that would be black with white polkadots) and some pastel blue and green flannel pants. I didn't quite capture that in the picture either. Oh, and this isn't our bed. My room is far too messy to take a photo of.

This morning I woke up lying like this, sideways on mine and Husbands' pillows (he was already at work). It reminded me of when I was eight-ish and I had a journal. In this particular journal, I would log what positions that my body was in when I woke up. How weird was I!?!

And, probably that same year, my friend and I "made up" a language in which we switched all R's for L's. Example?: This molning we went fol a swim at the rocar poor. And then we were taking the bus home to her house and practicing our proficiency at the new language when my girlfriend said, "asphart" and we LAUGHED and LAUGHED 'til the tears were running down ... oh man those were good times...

What weird stuff did you guys do when you were kids? Any strange journals? Secret languages?


Dawne said...

:D I made posters for when I would be famous. I even had a stage name Myssi Marr... don't ask me where the heck THAT name came from, but I had many posters on my bedroom wall. I even practiced my signature. Ahh, I was a dork!

Rebekah said...

My friend and I had weird nick names for each other, and this weird laugh we would do. We created our first album cover,,, but, uh, neither one of us played music so I dont know how we thought we would make an album.

Euphoria said...

You journaled your sleeping positions!?! Corn Ball! LOL

I don't think I did anything as silly as you, but you did create the greatest word ever- "asphart"!!!

Dancer said...

I was a loser and didn't have friends (insert pity here). So I played board games by myself, with multiple players (not imaginary--just seeing which of my pieces would win). Taking turns and having a winner--always me.

The Beast Mom said...

that's cool. I wish I had a record of my sleeping shapes and positions. I wish I had lots more recorded detail about my childhood in general. So many weird things. What WASN'T weird and silly in childhood? ;)


Raquel said...

Dawne, I mean Myssi,
I'd LOVE to see that signature... hehehe

Weird laugh? Kids are CRAZY!

I betcha that you had a dance routine to go with My Mic Sound Nice (Salt N Pepa)... you did, right?

I would TOTALLY have been your friend! I still love playing board games and would play them ALL SUMMER LONG when we were kids. Monopoly was my personal fav.

I know, right? I honestly did much more quirky than that but don't have the balls to post it. The beauty of being that age is that you just are who you are.

Euphoria said...

OMG- totally busted me! I did have a routine for Boyz II Men- My dad recorded it, killer spandex, gnarly hairsprayed hair and the biggest headband in the world... ahhh... memories!!

Raquel said...


I LOVED their first album... uh I mean tape over and over and over again. 'The End of the Road'? I listened to that song while pining over a boy that I never even kissed. Sad but true.

Sarah G said...

Oh my goodness!!! You are as wierd as me!! Only, I didn't log my sleeping/waking up positions, however my friend and I also made up our own language and we changed our Rs to Zs. So whenever I say the word my mind I say Scazy. Then laugh to myself at my own little wierd joke. HA! Only you could appreciate that...LOL