Friday, September 14, 2007

I need an opinion or two.

Something that's been on my mind since this past spring.
Mr. P's hair.


I had been taking him to a typical barbershop (well, not exactly typical. they have a couple of flat screens and more than one video game system) where boys/men just hang out and chat. I really enjoyed the lively atmosphere and Mr. P liked his cutter. Plus they always have new magazines. The problem? The owner was RUDE. Rude always rude.

So I took him to a dumb old super-dee-duper-cuts place because while I would love to pay the nice cutter, I know that a portion of that $ is going to Mr. Rude Owner. Dumb old super-dee-duper-cuts isn't very good at cutting his hair PLUS they don't even have magazines. Not to mention that even I can cut it better (which isn't saying much, trust me).

So I started doing it at home. Can I fade? Nope. My edges got better the more I practiced but it just doesn't look like it did when we went to Mr. Rudes' place. They actually know what they're doing.

And then there's Berry's place. He's a guy that I grew up with and now he owns a couple of barber shops but they're all the way up on Rainier. What to do?

Here's our options:
1. Mr. Rude's place
2. super-dee-dumb-cuts
3. me
4. or a 25 minute drive to my friends shop

What to do? It's definitely time for a haircut.


Tracey in CT said...

Where do you get your hair done? If it is convenient, take him with you when you get yours done and kill two birds with one stone.

Otherwise, take him to your friend (if that isn't already where you get yours done) and enjoy the visit with your friend.

And I would call Mr. Rude's shop and tell him whey you are not coming back.

tAnYeTTa said...

what do you mean by rude? what is he doing?????

maybe he's not even aware that he's being rude!

it might be worth it to mention it to him. especially if it's close to home and your son likes his cutter.

p.s. my son was rocking an afro until last year! i was protesting the first haircut for a long time!!! LOL

Raquel said...

My place is a girly salon that I hardly ever go to cause it's CRAZY expensive. He's six and I just can't pay for that. Ya know? One vote for Barry's then? He doesn't charge me either... but so . far . away .

Rude like completely ignoring my existence. He takes the money and he wouldn't even look at me - much less reply when I attempted politeness. The first time it happened, I figured that he must of had a bad day or whatever. Then it happened four or five times and I got tired of playing nicey-nice.
And I would LOVE to grow my sons hair out but I am far too impatient. It was getting longer and so we were combing it out two/three times a day and he whined the WHOLE time. Even shed some tears. That soft head was too much for me so the hair had to go.
One vote for being upfront with Mr. Rude?

Dawne said...

I say talk to Mr Rude, or let them know why you won't be coming back, and then drive to your friends place! super cuts stinks.

Leah S said...

I think you should do it. Over time you'll get better, and that'll pay off! :)

Rebekah said...

I tired to cut my boys hair when they were little and it was tooo much stress for me. now that they are older I alternate doing it myself. In the summer they like it buzzed. I clip their hair once or twice then take them to the salon to shape it up.
I tried to cut Gracie's hair but she wont sit still. Luckily girls dont need their hair cut as often

Dancer said...

Since I live in a town of 100,000 that has 1 beautician that takes care of black hair I know how difficult it is to find someone who knows what they are doing. I also know people in places like Chicago that will drive an hour to go to a good shop. If you have one that's close, your son likes the cutter, AND they do a good job, I say don't even worry about Mr. Rude and keep going there. Sounds like you're a people person and Mr. Rude isn't. And ask Mr. P what he thinks--just for fun. I'm sure he'll be able to offer some insight and posting fodder.

Aly Cat 121 said...

yeah it's hard to find a good barber. My hubby still lookin. And who says that his hair has to be faded? I mean it's not like he's 15. Keep cuttin that sh*t yourself and take his hair all the way down low, put some moisturizer in it and call it a day.

Carmell said...

i say do it yourself. but yeah like Aly said... you gonna have to put something on it. i can not stress it enough that you have to moisturize black folk's hair!!! who does your daugter's hair? i saw one with some cornrows... do you do theirs?

having 2 boys i like the look of a fade too. but doing it myself...its just not gonna happen. on a good day i can hook it up. but almost always i just take it all the way down and line him up. if you line it, it will look 100x better!!!

tAnYeTTa said...

hey raquel,

i stopped by to see how the haircut situation's coming along????????

what have you decided to do?

you've seen DJ's hair, I do it myself, until he's old enough to ask for a 'fade' i'll keep it low. moisturize it with coconut oil and call it a day!!!!!!!!