Sunday, September 9, 2007

naughty naughty boy

What to do with other peoples naughty kids? hmmmmm?

So there was a big 'ole jamboree on Saturday for Miss F and Mr. P's soccer league (just in case you didn't know, jamboree = 3 consecutive games. Don't feel bad. I didn't realize this either until I was sitting/napping on the field for a few hours.) And my kids were ~of course~ the stars of the event... in my humble opinion.

And there's this one kid.
This one little kid that I wanted to kick in the shins.
He was naughty.
And his parents and coach encouraged him to play unfairly and rough.
That made me... irritated.
And then he intentionally tripped Mr. P after Mr. P stole the ball from him.
That made me... mad.
Naughty boy would have possession of the ball and when either of my kids would narrow in on him, he'd get on all fours, hovering over the ball so no one could take it from him.
And then I heard his coach yell, "Good stop!"
I thought that they may have to drag me off of the field for punching the guy.
But I kept my wits about me and instead planned out the phone call that I would make to the club.
And then we're leaving and Husband, trying to teach our kids good sportsmanship, tells the naughty boy "Good game, man. You really have some nice moves."
Which he did.
He did have a ton of natural talent. Too bad he uses it for evil.
And then the naughty kid NODS at my husband.
No thank yous.
No kindness.
Just a cocky nod.
And I kept plotting that phone conversation with the top dog of the soccer club.
But I can't tell naughty boy how his behavior is UGLY because he isn't my kid.
Even though SOMEONE OUGHT to tell him.
But I didn't.
And I won't make a nasty call because Husband and Miss Brasil and her husband all told me not to.
They all told me that there would be many other kids down the road that would be equally naughty and suggested that I get used to the idea.
And so... since I'm not going to make a phone call.
Or strangle the coach.
Or kick the kid.
Or get thrown out of the game.
I'm just going to coach my kids to keep kicking the ball towards the goal, especially when other kids intentionally lay on it.

So there.


The Beast Mom said...

Oh I have SO been there, only w/ baseball, not soccer. Some days the GROWNUPS get a clue and reprimand bad kids, and some days they walk right past it. And of course this goes on in sports w/ all ages unfortunately. But at least there are some parents who are teaching their kids right. I'm a firm believer that justice will be had one day, maybe not THIS exact day, but some day. What goes around does come around in its own mysterious way...

-beast mom


P.P.S. Thanks for the tv channel suggestion! I am so out of it when it comes to TV!

The Beast Mom said...

Are all the P's annoying you yet? ;) I'm just writing another comment to say I'm just linkin' you and you let me know if that's not ok. Ok?

Raquel said...

not okay? I'm blushing and have already bragged to Husband that I'm getting linked.

His response?

"What does that mean?"

T said...

As a soccer expert(and I just happen to attend the delightful jamboree), both P and F were by far a step above every other child there. No seriously, they did such a good job! They went straight home to tell the Winkle's about P
s 2 goals!

Dawne said...

I feel this coming in the future. I just hope my boys aren't the naughty ones!

Rebekah said...

Parents amaze me. We have twokids in our baseball league that give all kids everywhere a bad name, and their parents TRAIN them that way.

Abbie said...

lol, you my new friend are a real treat! LOL LOL oh the joys of minor league sports!