Monday, September 24, 2007

A gift from Mr. Miyagi

We officially have one and two half cats. Allow me to introduce them. Unfortunately, I only have a picture of our full cat so we'll start with him. This is Kahuna. Yes, like the big wave. We actually paid for, chose, and waited for this cat. I told myself that I would never post about our pets and yet here I am doing it. Whatever.
At night Kahuna follows me from room to room, waiting for when he can snuggle up in bed. This cat ROCKS. Little O sits on him, hoping for a ride, and Kahuna never complains. The kids dress this cat up like a doll, carry him in unfortunate positions, and "hide him" in peculiar places (that would be closets, in boxes, etc) and Kahuna never gripes.

We also have 50 Cent. Yes, as in the rapper. He's one of our half cats. {You may be asking yourself 'What's a half cat?'. Well, they're the ones that just showed up one day. I don't take half cats to the vet nor do I allow them inside. However, half cats do get fed once a day.} 50 Cent is scrappy, missing chunks of hair, very skiddish, and really skinny. The other two cats don't like 50 Cent but this doesn't stop him from stalking the back porch, waiting for the right moment to swoop in and scavenge for food.

Then there's Mr. Miyagi. Yes, as in the Karate Kid. He's our other half cat. He's fluffy and soft but prefers to stay away from anyone under the age of adult. Mr. Miyagi is really pretty grateful for the food that we bestow upon him. He shows his indebtedness by leaving us special gifts on the mat where he sleeps. These special gifts include dead birds, rats, mice, and other portions of random rodents. This morning, he left me yet another gift.
You'll notice my socks next to the mat. Well, that's because I had the fortune of STEPPING on the mouse (notice that its back end is missing). This event was immediately proceeded by me RIPPING off my socks and gagging for a moment or two before rushing off to pick up Mr. P from school.
The truth is that I saw this gift first thing this morning while retrieving some stuff out of the car. I avoided removing the bugger because I figured that Husband is better equipped to get this job done. For this, my socks paid dearly and they will meet the garbage as soon as I get the will up to go near that disgusting bloody half mouse again.


Tabitha said...

ewwww that is so nasty! No, seriously nasty!!!!!And your socks.....I am crying with you!

Dawne said...

Those are really cool socks, too! Bummer.

You forgot to mention the incredibly loooong drive it took to go pick up Kahuna. He was well worth it. I miss him!

Lisa said...

Cute cocks. Whoops. I mean SOCKS! SOCKS! (That was a typo and I thought, "What the hell, I'll keep it.)

Anywho... NEver stepped on a dead mouse. Can imagine it wasn't a great feeling. Ick.

Lisa said...

P.S. I LOVE that you have a "half cat" called 50 Cent.

Rebekah said...

cats are great :) When my Josh was a baby we had the best cat ever. Josh could steam roll over him and that cat wouldn't flinch.
50 cent..LOL, cute

Aly Cat 121 said...

ouch! you gonna have my azz freakin out all day over that one. I think I need some wine. LOL!

Raquel said...

tabitha, my socks was the saddest part.

dawne, I know! I just remember him mewing all the way home...

lisa, it went 'crunch'

rebekah, our poor cats... not sure this is what they meant when we domesticated them.

ally, nasty, right?

southerngirlmusings said...

Okay, that is so gross!!! Sorry about the socks, they were cute.