Friday, September 7, 2007

late night goody

Well, Miss Brasil... 'tis done.

It's definitely not perfect... and once it's over your arm you'll probably notice.
But you can't really blame me, after all, I can't read Japanese.
I'm not even really sure if the directions started from the right or left hand side.
Yes, it's that bad.
And while I know you may have preferred it in pink.
Because aqua isn't your favorite color, it's mine.
But the exterior is embroidered linen?
No... I didn't do that by hand. It came that way.
But linen is cool, right?
I do have good news, however.
This won't be the last far from perfect thing that you receive from me ;)

this blurry one is what it'll look like when you take it dancing.


rodrigo said...

well you know you know that I love a late night boggie a thon at the local night club. And the blue will give me a more.....mature felling than hot pink! I love it!!!!!

southerngirlmusings said...

okay, I am so jealous...I have the front of a bag finished but in my haste and delirium, ironed the interface to the wrong side of the back. :(

Raquel said...

So sad for you! Do you have enough fabric to cut more?